aura-3.1.9: A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR.

Copyright(c) Colin Woodbury 2012 - 2020
MaintainerColin Woodbury <>
Safe HaskellNone




Module for connecting to the AUR servers, downloading PKGBUILDs and package sources.


Batch Querying

aurLookup :: Manager -> NonEmpty PkgName -> IO (Maybe (Set PkgName, Set Buildable)) Source #

Attempt to retrieve info about a given Set of packages from the AUR.

aurRepo :: IO Repository Source #

Yield fully realized Packages from the AUR.

Single Querying

aurInfo :: NonEmpty PkgName -> RIO Env [AurInfo] Source #

Frontend to the aur library. For -Ai.

aurSearch :: Text -> RIO Env [AurInfo] Source #

Frontend to the aur library. For -As.

Source Retrieval

clone :: Buildable -> IO (Maybe FilePath) Source #

Attempt to clone a package source from the AUR.

pkgUrl :: PkgName -> Text Source #

A package's home URL on the AUR.