aura-3.1.9: A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR.

Copyright(c) Colin Woodbury 2012 - 2020
MaintainerColin Woodbury <>
Safe HaskellNone



Interaction with the terminal.



csi :: [Int] -> ByteString -> ByteString Source #

Code borrowed from `ansi-terminal` library by Max Bolingbroke.

cursorUpLineCode :: Int -> ByteString Source #

Terminal code for raising the cursor.

getTrueUser :: Environment -> Maybe User Source #

This will get the true user name regardless of sudo-ing.

isTrueRoot :: Environment -> Bool Source #

Is the current user of Aura the true root user, and not just a sudo user?

hasRootPriv :: Environment -> Bool Source #

Is the user root, or using sudo?

getEditor :: Environment -> FilePath Source #

vi is a sensible default, it should be installed by on any Arch system.

getLocale :: Environment -> Text Source #

This will get the locale variable for translations from the environment

chown :: MonadIO m => User -> FilePath -> [String] -> m () Source #

Mark some Path as being owned by a User.

hideCursor :: IO () Source #

Hide the cursor in a terminal.

showCursor :: IO () Source #

Restore a cursor to visiblity in the terminal.

raiseCursorBy :: Int -> IO () Source #

Raise the cursor by n lines.