avro- Avro serialization support for Haskell

Safe HaskellNone



An internal module that contains common decoding functionality that is shared between Lazy and Strict decoders, as well as generic Get monad helpers.



getInt :: Get Int32 Source #

Get a 32-bit int (zigzag encoded, max of 5 bytes)

getLong :: Get Int64 Source #

Get a 64 bit int (zigzag encoded, max of 10 bytes)

getZigZag :: (Bits i, Integral i, DecodeRaw i) => Get i Source #

Get an zigzag encoded integral value consuming bytes till the msb is 0.

decodeBlocks :: Get a -> Get [a] Source #

Avro encodes arrays and maps as a series of blocks. Each block starts with a count of the elements in the block. A series of blocks is always terminated with an empty block (encoded as a 0).

sFromIntegral :: forall a b m. (Monad m, Bounded a, Bounded b, Integral a, Integral b) => a -> m b Source #