cabal-debian-4.27.2: Create a Debianization for a Cabal package

Safe HaskellNone



Read an existing Debianization from a directory file.



inputDebianizationFile :: MonadIO m => FilePath -> DebianT m () Source

Try to input a file and if successful add it to the debianization's list of "intermediate" files, files which will simply be added to the final debianization without any understanding of their contents or purpose.

dataDest :: MonadIO m => CabalT m FilePath Source

Where to put the installed data files. Computes the destination directory from a Cabal package description. This needs to match the path cabal assigns to datadir in the distbuildautogen/Paths_packagename.hs module, or perhaps the path in the CABAL_DEBIAN_DATADIR environment variable.

dataTop :: MonadIO m => CabalT m FilePath Source

Where to look for the data-files