cabal-ghc-dynflags- Conveniently configure GHC's dynamic flags for use with Cabal projects

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One of the challenges of using the GHC API for external tooling is handling integration with Cabal. This library provides a simple interface for configuring GHC's DynFlags as Cabal would have, allowing seamless tooling use on Cabal projects.

A typical usage might look like,

import GHC
import qualified GHC.Paths
import qualified Distribution.Verbosity as Verbosity
import GHC.Cabal

main = runGhc (Just GHC.Paths.libdir) $ do
    dflags <- GHC.getSessionDynFlags
    -- Use default DynFlags if we aren't in a Cabal project
    dflags' <- fromMaybe dflags <$> liftIO (initCabalDynFlags Verbosity.normal dflags)
    GHC.setSessionDynFlags dflags'

    -- Standard GHC API usage goes here


Initializing GHC DynFlags for Cabal packages

initCabalDynFlags :: Verbosity -> DynFlags -> IO (Maybe DynFlags) Source

Modify a set of DynFlags to match what Cabal would produce.