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-r5 2015-06-08T19:57:31Z PeterSimons 54866b8081ddfc72761c1f38cc96df6782682058cd09b465300562910f57e2ea
  • Changed description from

    The @cabal2nix@ utility converts Cabal files into Nix build instructions. The
    commandline syntax is:
    > Usage: cabal2nix [options] url-to-cabal-file-or-repo
    >   -h             --help                   show this help text
    >   -v             --version                print version
    >                  --hackage-db=FILEPATH    path to the local hackage db in tar format
    >                  --sha256=HASH            sha256 hash of source tarball
    >   -m MAINTAINER  --maintainer=MAINTAINER  maintainer of this package (may be specified multiple times)
    >   -p PLATFORM    --platform=PLATFORM      supported build platforms (may be specified multiple times)
    >                  --jailbreak              don't honor version restrictions on build inputs
    >                  --no-haddock             don't run Haddock when building this package
    >                  --no-check               don't run regression test suites of this package
    >                  --no-hyperlink-source    don't add pretty-printed source code to the documentation
    > Recognized URI schemes:
    >   cabal://pkgname-pkgversion       download the specified package from Hackage
    >   cabal://pkgname                  download latest version of the specified package from Hackage
    >   http://host/path                 fetch the Cabal file via HTTP
    >   file:///local/path               load the Cabal file from the local disk
    >   /local/path.cabal                abbreviated version of file URI
    >   <git/svn/bzr/hg URL>             download the source from the specified repository
    The only required argument is the path to the cabal file. For example:
    > cabal2nix
    > cabal2nix cabal://cabal2nix-1.73
    If the @--sha256@ option has not been specified, cabal2nix calls
    @nix-prefetch-url@ to determine the hash automatically. This causes
    network traffic, obviously.
    If the argument refers to a source repository instead of a cabal file,
    cabal2nix will use that source repository to fetch from instead of hackage.
    Currently, cabal2nix supports directories, archives (fetched via http or https) and
    git, mercurial, svn or bazaar repositories.
    This package is no longer maintained on Hackage. Users of Nix can
    install the latest version by running:
    > nix-env -i cabal2nix

-r4 2015-04-17T14:42:59Z PeterSimons 29ac70f26f4996e06945649693d71c217ed9e5f9b3ec72637c13153961d8f2d9
  • Changed maintainer from

    Peter Simons <>,
    Peter Simons <>

-r3 2015-04-17T14:41:27Z PeterSimons 4acd4cc56adb5a5e122080750d77a2da552baf49ca61fe7a9145f7796ea922f0
  • Changed maintainer from

    Nix Developers <>
    Peter Simons <>,

  • Changed author from

    Peter Simons <>, Andres Loeh <>
    Peter Simons, Andres Loeh

-r2 2015-04-17T14:23:38Z PeterSimons 69edee832ac9a8fa5bed2a3469e2204e478ed4af5dd96dd1973a7275c88a11f6
  • Changed the executable 'hackage4nix' component's library dependency on 'Cabal' from

    >=1.18 && <1.22

-r1 2015-04-17T14:20:51Z PeterSimons 2f17c0d750816ca25e77cad9ff233f566f4618e1f67f870f32377f9fd424b411
  • Changed the executable 'cabal2nix' component's library dependency on 'Cabal' from

    >=1.18 && <1.22

-r0 2015-01-08T11:32:21Z PeterSimons d2b1d60a38ef2d17a86b4880b5452b7652fb2f65ef1e62661c1d91dca943774c