charade- Rapid prototyping websites with Snap and Heist

Safe HaskellNone




charadeProductionSplice :: Monad n => Splice n Source

Charade needs to provide a splice that can be bound to eliminate all charade-specific attributes from the markup.

charadeInit :: Snaplet (Heist b) -> Config -> Initializer b v () Source

An initializer function that allows you to use charade functionality in your own applications. This is useful in situations where you have implemented some of your application's functionality and you want your designers to use that, but you also want them to have charade functionality when working on portions of the site for which the backend has not been written yet.

This is not a normal initializer. You don't need to use nestSnaplet with it. Just call it directly from your application initializer. When used in this mode, you don't need a separate charade.cfg file. Just put a charade block in your application config, extract it with the subconfig function, and pass it to this function.