-- | Raw bindings to the clingo C API. The functions provided here are
-- equivalent to the functions provided by the C API. In almost all cases you
-- want to use the high level bindings instead. The raw modules are exported for
-- users who want to build their own abstraction, or need an unsafe interface
-- for optimization reasons.
-- For documentation, please refer to the C documentation at
-- https://potassco.org/clingo/c-api/current/
-- When importing both the Raw module and the high level wrappers, please
-- consider using qualified imports, because they share multiple names.
module Clingo.Raw
    module X

import Clingo.Raw.AST as X
import Clingo.Raw.Basic as X
import Clingo.Raw.Configuration as X
import Clingo.Raw.Control as X
import Clingo.Raw.Enums as X
import Clingo.Raw.Inspection.Symbolic as X
import Clingo.Raw.Inspection.Theory as X
import Clingo.Raw.Model as X
import Clingo.Raw.ProgramBuilding as X
import Clingo.Raw.Propagation as X
import Clingo.Raw.Solving as X
import Clingo.Raw.Statistics as X
import Clingo.Raw.Symbol as X
import Clingo.Raw.Types as X