conduit- A pull-based approach to streaming data.



Functions for interacting with bytes.



sourceFile :: ResourceIO m => FilePath -> Source m ByteStringSource

Stream the contents of a file as binary data.



:: ResourceIO m 
=> FilePath 
-> Maybe Integer


-> Maybe Integer

Maximum count

-> Source m ByteString 

Stream the contents of a file as binary data, starting from a certain offset and only consuming up to a certain number of bytes.

sinkFile :: ResourceIO m => FilePath -> Sink ByteString m ()Source

Stream all incoming data to the given file.

conduitFile :: ResourceIO m => FilePath -> Conduit ByteString m ByteStringSource

Stream the contents of the input to a file, and also send it along the pipeline. Similar in concept to the Unix command tee.

isolate :: Resource m => Int -> Conduit ByteString m ByteStringSource

Ensure that only up to the given number of bytes are consume by the inner sink. Note that this does not ensure that all of those bytes are in fact consumed.