diagrams-contrib- Collection of user contributions to diagrams EDSL

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Define Diagrams Paths by specifying points and optionally directions and tension. Calculate control points to maintain smooth curvature at each point, following rules implemented in Donald Knuth's Metafont.

This module is intended to be imported qualified.



fromString :: (TrailLike t, V t ~ R2) => Text -> Either ParseError tSource

MF.fromString parses a Text value in MetaFont syntax, and attempts to return a TrailLike. Only a subset of Metafont is supported; see the tutorial for details.

fromStrings :: (TrailLike t, V t ~ R2) => [Text] -> Either [ParseError] [t]Source

fromStrings takes a list of MetaFont strings, and returns either all errors, or, if there are no parsing errors, a TrailLike for each string. fromStrings is provided as a convenience because the MetaFont &-join is not supported. mconcat (<>) on the TrailLike is equivalent, with clearer semantics.

fromPath :: (TrailLike t, V t ~ R2) => MFP -> tSource

Should you wish to construct the MFPath in some other fashion, fromPath makes a TrailLike directly from the MFPath

flex :: (TrailLike t, V t ~ R2) => [P2] -> tSource

flex ps draws a Trail through the points ps, such that at every point p ∊ ps except the endpoints, the Trail is parallel to the line from the first to the last point. This is the same as the flex command defined in plain MetaFont.

metafont :: (TrailLike t, V t ~ R2) => MFPathData P -> tSource

metafont converts a path defined in the Metafont combinator synax into a native Diagrams TrailLike.

metafontParser :: Parser (MFPath (Maybe PathDir) BasicJoin)Source

Parse a Text value in Metafont syntax, as destribed in /The METAFONTbook/.