diagrams-lib-0.3: Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics





A module to re-export most of the functionality of the diagrams core and standard library.


Core library

The core definitions of transformations, diagrams, backends, and so on.

Standard library

Attributes (color, line style, etc.) and styles.

General alignment of diagrams.

Combining multiple diagrams into one.

Linear and cubic bezier segments.

Trails and paths.

Some additional transformation-related functions, like conjugation of transformations.

Convenient definitions and

A wide range of things (shapes, transformations, combinators) specific to creating two-dimensional diagrams.

Various utility definitions.

Convenience re-exports

A large list of color names.

Monoids show up all over the place, so things from Data.Monoid often come in handy.

For computing with vectors.

For computing with points and vectors.