Changelog for diagrams-svg-1.0.2

1.0.2 (8 March 2014)

- Use `splitFills` to properly render certain diagrams with mixed
  lines and filled loops.  Previously, in certain situations loops that should
  have been filled were not.  ([#43](

- Don't emit last segment of a loop if it is linear.

  See [diagrams-cairo#38](  This wasn't actually causing any
  observable problems in the SVG backend output, but this seems a
  better/more robust way to do things in any case. (6 February 2014)

- require diagrams-lib >= 1.0.1 (for Hashable SizeSpec2D instance) (4 February 2014)

- Allow `blaze-markup-0.6` (30 January 2014)

- Work around a bug in GHC 7.4.2, which chokes when deriving Generic
  instances for associated data types.

1.0.1 (26 January 2014)

- Add `Hashable (Options SVG R2)` instance
- Remove `Show (Options SVG R2)` instance

According to the PVP, these changes should require a major version
bump.  However, a major version bump would be quite annoying and I
don't expect these instance changes to affect anyone (the changes
were made for internal reasons).  Please yell if it does affect

1.0 (24 November 2013)

- Re-implement via new backend `RTree` interface, leading to
  smaller output files.
- Use new command-line interface from `diagrams-lib`.
- Export `B` as an alias for `SVG` token (26 October 2013)

- Documentation improvements 11 September 2013

- require diagrams-lib-0.7.1

0.8: 10 September 2013 [BROKEN]

0.7: 9 August 2013 14 December 2012

0.6: 11 December 2012

First "officially supported" release.

Features still not implemented:

As of this release everything else Should Work (tm).