dtd-text- Parse and render XML DTDs

MaintainerYitzchak Gale <gale@sefer.org>




A Blaze.ByteString.Builder renderer for XML Document Type Declaration (DTD) documents.


DTD structure

Entity declarations and references

buildEntityValue :: [EntityValue] -> BuilderSource

A Builder for an entity value, consisting of a list of EntityValue.

buildPERef :: PERef -> BuilderSource

A builder for a PERef.

Element declarations

Attribute declarations

Notation declarations

Comments and processing instructions

buildComment :: Text -> BuilderSource

A Builder for a comment. The comment text cannot be null, cannot contain two consecutive -, and cannot end in -.

Builder combinators for general DTD syntax

buildList :: Text -> (a -> Builder) -> [a] -> BuilderSource

Build a list of items

buildChoice :: (a -> Builder) -> [a] -> BuilderSource

Build a choice expression.

buildMaybe :: (a -> Builder) -> Maybe a -> BuilderSource

Build an optional item.

newline :: BuilderSource

Build a newline.

space :: BuilderSource

Build a space.

quote :: Builder -> BuilderSource

Build a quoted string.

pbracket :: Builder -> BuilderSource

Build a string quoted by angle brackets, with an exclamation mark.

parens :: Builder -> BuilderSource

Build a string surround by parantheses.