dyre-0.7.2: Dynamic reconfiguration in Haskell




withDyreOptions :: Params c -> IO a -> IO aSource

Store Dyre's command-line options to the IO-Store dyre, and then execute the provided IO action with all Dyre's options removed from the command-line arguments.

customOptions :: Maybe [String] -> IO [String]Source

Return the set of options which will be passed to another instance of Dyre. Preserves the master binary, state file, and debug mode flags, but doesn't pass along the forced-recompile flag. Can be passed a set of other arguments to use, or it defaults to using the current arguments when passed Nothing.

getReconf :: IO BoolSource

Get the value of the '--force-reconf' flag, which is used to force a recompile of the custom configuration.

getDebug :: IO BoolSource

Get the value of the '--dyre-debug' flag, which is used to debug a program without installation. Specifically, it forces the application to use './cache/' as the cache directory, and ./ as the configuration directory.

getMasterBinary :: IO (Maybe String)Source

Get the path to the master binary. This is set to the path of the *current* binary unless the '--dyre-master-binary=' flag is set. Obviously, we pass the '--dyre-master-binary=' flag to the custom configured application from the master binary.

getStatePersist :: IO (Maybe String)Source

Get the path to a persistent state file. This is set only when the '--dyre-state-persist=' flag is passed to the program. It is used internally by Config.Dyre.Relaunch to save and restore state when relaunching the program.