essence-of-live-coding-0.2.4: General purpose live coding framework

Safe HaskellNone



Support functions to call common live coding functionalities like launching and reloading from a ghci or cabal repl session.

You typically don't need to import this module in your code, but you should load it in your interactive session, ideally by copying the file `essence-of-live-coding/.ghci` to your project, adjusting it to your needs and launching cabal repl.



livelaunch :: Monad m => p -> m String Source #

livestop :: Monad m => p -> m [Char] Source #

load :: Launchable m => LiveProgram m -> IO (LaunchedProgram m) Source #

Load a LiveProgram of a given type from the store. The value of the given LiveProgram is not used, it only serves as a proxy for m.

save :: Launchable m => LaunchedProgram m -> IO () Source #

Save a LiveProgram to the store.

liveinit :: Monad m => p -> m String Source #

livereload :: Monad m => p -> m String Source #

livestep :: Monad m => p -> m [Char] Source #