extensions- Parse Haskell Language Extensions
Copyright(c) 2020 Kowainik
MaintainerKowainik <xrom.xkov@gmail.com>
Safe HaskellNone



Library to get Haskell Language Extensions from .cabal files, Haskell Modules, or get combined information from both sources preserving correct merge logic of extensions.



Main data types to work with any kind of extensions and all possible errors during the work of extensions functions.

To read more on Haskell Extensions, see the following documentation page:

In extensions we support both Haskell2010 and SafeHaskell extensions.

Main functions to get information of used extensions by combined information from .cabal files and Haskell modules. This module includes functions that could work with file paths or file sources, these functions kindly combine extensions information in a convenient way. However, there are functions that return Cabal and Module information separately for specified modules.

These functions use provided by Extensions.Cabal and Extensions.Module functions to achieve that.

Functions to extract extensions from the .cabal files.

Also, this module provides convenient functions for conversion of Cabal and GHC extensions types.

Functions to extract extensions from the Haskell modules.

Also, this module exports convenient internal parsing functions for Haskell module extensions and necessary statements.