Changelog for fay-

2012-07-26 Lots of documentation updates, some runtime fixes, some more examples, tail-call optimization prototype. cf6b848 Add analytics to .cabal. 13b8d0e Fix types for ghc. 4a021a3 Use continue (for now) for TCO (refs #19). b43220c Tail recursive optimization prototype (refs #19). 137a702 Tail recursive example doc. 6ec356b Ref example. e10023c fromInteger/fromRational in the runtime (closes #20). 7527aaa Add missing operators to Prelude and built-ins list (closes #16). 9ce6915 Throw error about unsupported `where' (closes #17). 406067c Fix silly enumFromTo mistake. 8c37842 A test-case that tail-recursive functions run iteratively. 1791e68 Optimize constant patterns slightly, shaves off some time. f016d01 Add Fay.Show (preliminary implementation). 66cf298 Add data/show example. 486c4f3 Add note about generating docs. 15fd56c Add note that you need nodejs installed to run the tests. ae207b7 Include google analytics in docs and generate index.html rather than home.html. 07f7f4a Updated dom example with onload handler. e702218 Remove max-width to fix firefox. aa5dc2b Mention minifying slightly in docs. e53addc Remove language-javascript dependency. f976ff6 Remove non-ascii character in runtime.js 2abd59d Don't print counts in fay-tests. c0127c3 Add small note about livescript. 0d35867 Added fork on github for docs. f6a0d62 Use === instead of == for jseq (closes #6). 7d1a382 Some word break on the pre's. 37e3d53 Rename modules from Main to X (closes #5). 6734221 Ignore more stuff. 4479709 Toggle examples. 3ddf795 Put examples side-by-side (closes #3). 5ae7cca s/strict/proper to avoid confusion. a482a5b Convert from function expression assignments to function definitions 2012-07-21 First version.