fay- A compiler for Fay, a Haskell subset that compiles to JavaScript.

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Dealing with Cabal packages in Fay's own special way.



resolvePackages :: CompileConfig -> IO CompileConfigSource

Given a configuration, resolve any packages specified to their data file directories for importing the *.hs sources.

describePackage :: Maybe FilePath -> String -> IO StringSource

Describe package with ghc-pkg.

Weinsworth : Why are you not using the GHC API which would provide you this information like in modules like Packages which has functions like

collectIncludeDirs :: [PackageConfig] -> [FilePath]

and awesome stuff like that. What are you, stupid?

Batemen : Pretty much. I think this might be a little faster than initializing GHC, and using the GHC API adds a lot of link time when you use it.

Weinsworth : Uh huh.

Batemen: Yeah. Stop looking at me like that.

shareDirs :: String -> Maybe [FilePath]Source

Get the share dirs of the package.

Alright. Stop. Collaborate and listen.

You're gonna have to stop scrolling and read this.

I can't figure out how to get the data-dirs from the package description.

  • It doesn't seem to be in the Cabal API's PackageDescription type. * It doesn't seem to be in the ghc-pkg description. * I can't find out how to read the Cabal configuration. Yeah, I could probably find it eventually. Shut up.

So what I'm doing is parsing the “import-dirs” flag, which appears in ghc-pkg's output like this:


And I'm going to replace “lib” with “share” and drop the “ghc-*” and that, under a *normal* configuration, gives the share directory.

Under an atypical situation, we're going to throw an error and you guys will just have to submit a pull request or some code to do this better, because I've got better things to be doing, like climbing trees, baking cookies and reading books about zombies.

checkDirExists :: FilePath -> IO ()Source

Might as well check the dir that we munged to death actually exists. -___ -