fedora-packages-0.0.3: Haskell interface to the Fedora Packages webapp API.

MaintainerRicky Elrod <ricky@elrod.me>
Safe HaskellNone



Provides a Haskell interface to the Fedora Packages API.

This module simply re-exports all public modules within the fedora-packages project.

Depending on usecase, it might be easiest to import this and Lens, as below:

 import Fedora.Packages
 import Fedora.Packages.Lens
 import Control.Lens

But keep in mind that this will clutter your namespace pretty badly, and might not be ideal for all situations.

If you don't want to use lenses (but you should because they are awesome), you can do this instead:

 import qualified Fedora.Packages as FedPackages

...and then access everything using understored record-style getters, e.g. _packageName theBuild.

Or you can import specific pieces of Fedora.Packages.<whatever> instead of importing Fedora.Packages which re-exports everything.

If you do that, however, you'll want to import Fedora.Packages.API and Fedora.Packages.Config as well, so that you have the necessary data types for interacting with the API.

TL;DR: This is written to be very modular, and you are free to use it however it best fits in with the rest of your project. Have fun!