ffeed-0.3.2: Haskell binding to the FriendFeed API

MaintainerSigbjorn Finne <sof@forkIO.com>



Actions for fetching entries,comments etc. for one or more users/friends.



getUserProfile :: UserName -> FFm UserSource

Returns list of all of the user's subscriptions (people) and services connected to their account (Authentication required for private users):

getUserPicture :: UserName -> String -> FFm URLStringSource

Get a user's profile picture.

getPublicEntries :: FFm [Entry]Source

Returns the most recent public entries on FriendFeed.

getUserDiscussion :: UserName -> FFm [Entry]Source

Returns the most recent entries the user has commented on or liked.

getFriendEntries :: UserName -> FFm [Entry]Source

Returns entries from a user's friends.

getUsersEntries :: [UserName] -> FFm [Entry]Source

Returns the most recent entries from a list of users, specified by nickname.

validateUserKey :: FFm BoolSource

Validates the user's remote key. If the HTTP Basic Authentication nickname and remote key are valid, we return a HTTP 200 status code. Otherwise, we return an HTTP 401 status code.