fit-0.5: FIT file decoder

Safe HaskellNone





readFitRaw :: ByteString -> Either String Fit Source

Parse a strict ByteString containing the FIT data into a Fit value

parseFit :: Parser Fit Source

An Attoparsec parser for Fit values

Parsers for components of FIT files

parseArray Source


:: Int

The number of elements in the array

-> BaseType

The base element type

-> FitParser Array 

This function will fail if the BaseType is FitString. This implementation currently doesn't support arrays of strings, but treats char arrays as always being a single string.

parseSeq :: Int -> FitParser a -> FitParser (Seq a) Source

Run a FitParser n times to parse a Seq of values

parseString :: Parser Text Source

Parse a null-terminated UTF-8 string.

parseCTDataMessage :: TimeOffset -> MessageDefinition -> FitParser Message Source

Parse a compressed-timestamp message, using the TimeOffset from the compressed-timestamp message header.

mkHeader :: Word8 -> MessageHeader Source

Transform a FIT message header byte into a MessageHeader