flickr-0.3.3: Haskell binding to the Flickr API

MaintainerSigbjorn Finne <>
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered



flickr.photosets API, navigating and managing photo sets.



addPhoto :: PhotosetID -> PhotoID -> FM ()Source

Add a photo to the end of an existing photoset.

create :: String -> Maybe String -> PhotoID -> FM PhotosetSource

Create a new photoset for the calling user.

delete :: PhotosetID -> FM ()Source

Delete a photoset.

editMeta :: PhotosetID -> String -> Maybe String -> FM ()Source

Modify the meta-data for a photoset.

editPhotos :: PhotosetID -> PhotoID -> [PhotoID] -> FM ()Source

Modify the photos in a photoset. Use this method to add, remove and re-order photos.

getContext :: PhotosetID -> PhotoID -> FM (Photo, Photo)Source

Returns next and previous photos for a photo in a set.

getInfo :: PhotosetID -> FM PhotosetSource

Gets information about a photoset.

getList :: Maybe UserID -> FM (Bool, [Photoset])Source

Returns the photosets belonging to the specified user.

getPhotos :: PhotosetID -> [PhotoInfo] -> Maybe Privacy -> Maybe MediaType -> FM PhotosetSource

Get the list of photos in a set.

orderSets :: [PhotosetID] -> FM ()Source

Set the order of photosets for the calling user.

removePhoto :: PhotosetID -> PhotoID -> FM ()Source

Remove a photo from a photoset.