flickr-0.3.3: Haskell binding to the Flickr API

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




authenticateForWeb :: String -> FM (Maybe (URLString, FM AuthToken))Source

authenticate the 'web application' way; obtain a so-called frob, generate a URL for the user to authorize access via. Once the user has done so, resolve the full token by performing action.

authenticateForMobile :: String -> FM (Maybe (URLString, String -> FM AuthToken))Source

Authenticate the 'mobile application' way; emit an authentication URL for the mobile application along with an action that takes a authentication 'mini-token' to resolve into a full token. The mini-token is either something the application stores (as a secret), or for the first time around, by having the user write down the mini-token 9-digit (format is xxx-yyy-zzz) string and input that to the application through its UI.