futhark-0.16.3: An optimising compiler for a functional, array-oriented language.
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Facilities for type-checking Futhark terms. Checking a term requires a little more context to track uniqueness and such.

Type inference is implemented through a variation of Hindley-Milner. The main complication is supporting the rich number of built-in language constructs, as well as uniqueness types. This is mostly done in an ad hoc way, and many programs will require the programmer to fall back on type annotations.



checkOneExp :: UncheckedExp -> TypeM ([TypeParam], Exp) Source #

Type-check a single expression in isolation. This expression may turn out to be polymorphic, in which case the list of type parameters will be non-empty.

checkFunDef :: (Name, Maybe UncheckedTypeExp, [UncheckedTypeParam], [UncheckedPattern], UncheckedExp, SrcLoc) -> TypeM (VName, [TypeParam], [Pattern], Maybe (TypeExp VName), StructType, [VName], Exp) Source #

Type-check a top-level (or module-level) function definition. Despite the name, this is also used for checking constant definitions, by treating them as 0-ary functions.