ghc-8.10.1: The GHC API
Safe HaskellNone




runPp :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

runCc :: Maybe ForeignSrcLang -> DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run compiler of C-like languages and raw objects (such as gcc or clang).

askLd :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO String Source #

Run the linker with some arguments and return the output

runAs :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

runLlvmOpt :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run the LLVM Optimiser

runLlvmLlc :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run the LLVM Compiler

runClang :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO () Source #

Run the clang compiler (used as an assembler for the LLVM backend on OS X as LLVM doesn't support the OS X system assembler)

figureLlvmVersion :: DynFlags -> IO (Maybe LlvmVersion) Source #

Figure out which version of LLVM we are running this session

Tracing utility

traceToolCommand :: DynFlags -> String -> IO a -> IO a Source #

Record in the eventlog when the given tool command starts and finishes, prepending the given String with "systool:", to easily be able to collect and process all the systool events.

For those events to show up in the eventlog, you need to run GHC with -v2 or -ddump-timings.