ghc-mod- Happy Haskell Programming

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getComponents :: (Applicative m, IOish m, Gm m) => m [GmComponent GMCRaw ChEntrypoint] Source #

Primary interface to cabal-helper and intended single entrypoint to constructing GmComponents

The Component's gmcHomeModuleGraph will be empty and has to be resolved by resolveGmComponents.

getGhcMergedPkgOptions :: (Applicative m, IOish m, Gm m) => m [GHCOption] Source #

Only package related GHC options, sufficient for things that don't need to access home modules

prepareCabalHelper :: (IOish m, GmEnv m, GmOut m, GmLog m) => m () Source #

withAutogen :: (IOish m, GmEnv m, GmOut m, GmLog m) => m a -> m a Source #