-- | The declarative layer on top of GTK+ lets you describe your user
-- interface as a declarative hierarchy of objects, using data
-- structures and pure functions. You can leverage the declarative event
-- handling to build reusable widgets. The "Patch" typeclass, and the
-- instances provided by this library, performs minimal updates to GTK+ widgets
-- using the underlying imperative operations, so that your rendering can always
-- be a pure function your state to a "Widget".
module GI.Gtk.Declarative
  ( module Export
  ) where

import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.Attributes    as Export
import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.Bin           as Export
import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.Container     as Export
import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.Container.Box as Export
import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.CSS           as Export
import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.Markup        as Export
import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.Patch         as Export
import           GI.Gtk.Declarative.SingleWidget  as Export