# Markup The syntax for wiki pages is standard XHTML. All tags must be properly closed. ## Wiki links Links to other wiki pages are formed this way: `Page Name`. (Gitit converts links with empty targets into wikilinks.) To link to a wiki page using something else as the link text: `something else`. Note that page names may contain spaces and some special characters. They need not be CamelCase. CamelCase words are *not* automatically converted to wiki links. Wiki pages may be organized into directories. So, if you have several pages on wine, you may wish to organize them like so: Wine/Pinot Noir Wine/Burgundy Wine/Cabernet Sauvignon Note that a wiki link `Burgundy` that occurs inside the `Wine` directory will link to `Wine/Burgundy`, and not to `Burgundy`. To link to a top-level page called `Burgundy`, you'd have to use `Burgundy`. To link to a directory listing for a subdirectory, use a trailing slash: `Wine/` will link to a listing of the `Wine` subdirectory.