hakyll-0.3: A simple static site generator library.Source codeContentsIndex
depends :: FilePath -> [FilePath] -> IO () -> IO ()
render :: Renderable a => FilePath -> a -> IO Page
renderAndConcat :: Renderable a => FilePath -> [a] -> IO ByteString
renderChain :: Renderable a => [FilePath] -> a -> IO ()
static :: FilePath -> IO ()
css :: FilePath -> IO ()
:: FilePathFile to be rendered or created.
-> [FilePath]Files the render depends on.
-> IO ()IO action to execute when the file is out of date.
-> IO ()
Execute an IO action only when the cache is invalid.
:: Renderable a
=> FilePathRenderable object to render with given template.
-> aThe body of the result will contain the render.
-> IO Page
Render to a Page.
renderAndConcat :: Renderable a => FilePath -> [a] -> IO ByteStringSource
Render each renderable with the given template, then concatenate the result.
renderChain :: Renderable a => [FilePath] -> a -> IO ()Source
Chain a render action for a page with a number of templates. This will also write the result to the site destination. This is the preferred way to do general rendering.
static :: FilePath -> IO ()Source
Mark a certain file as static, so it will just be copied when the site is generated.
css :: FilePath -> IO ()Source
Render a css file, compressing it.
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