haskbot-core-0.1: Easily-extensible chatbot for Slack messaging service

Safe HaskellNone




A minimal Haskbot server can be run via:

 {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

 import Network.Haskbot
 import Network.Haskbot.Config
 import Network.Haskbot.Plugin
 import qualified Network.Haskbot.Plugin.Help as Help

 main :: IO ()
 main = haskbot config registry

 config :: Config
 config = Config { listenOn    = 3000
                 , incEndpoint = "https://my-company.slack.com/services/hooks/incoming-webhook"
                 , incToken    = "my-incoming-token"

 registry :: [Plugin]
 registry = [ Help.register registry "my-slash-token" ]

This will run Haskbot on port 3000 with the included Network.Haskbot.Plugin.Help plugin installed, where "my-slash-token" is the secret token of a Slack slash command integration corresponding to the /haskbot command and pointing to the Haskbot server.

Be sure to create a Slack incoming integration (usually named Haskbot) and set the incEndpoint and incToken to their corresponding values, so that Slack can receive replies from Haskbot.


Run a Haskbot server



:: Config

Your custom-created config

-> [Plugin]

List of all Haskbot plugins to include

-> IO () 

Run the listed plugins on a Haskbot server with the given config