haskell-docs-4.1.1: A program to find and display the docs of a name from a given module.

Safe HaskellNone




Ghc compatibility layer.


GHC actions

withInitializedPackages :: [String] -> Ghc a -> IO aSource

Run an action with an initialized GHC package set.

findIdentifier :: ModuleName -> Identifier -> Ghc (Maybe Id)Source

Get the type of the given identifier from the given module.

makeModuleName :: String -> ModuleNameSource

Make a module name.

Internal functions

run :: Ghc a -> IO aSource

Run the given GHC action.

showppr :: Outputable a => DynFlags -> a -> StringSource

Pretty print something to string.

setImportContext :: ModuleName -> Ghc ()Source

Set the import context.

showPackageName :: PackageIdentifier -> StringSource

Show the package name e.g. base.