haskell-gi-0.23.0: Generate Haskell bindings for GObject Introspection capable libraries
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Various fixups in the introspection data.



dropMovedItems :: API -> Maybe API Source #

Remove functions and methods annotated with "moved-to".

guessPropertyNullability :: (Name, API) -> (Name, API) Source #

GObject-introspection does not currently support nullability annotations, so we try to guess the nullability from the nullability annotations of the curresponding get/set methods, which in principle should be reliable.

detectGObject :: (Name, API) -> (Name, API) Source #

Not every interface that provides signals/properties is marked as requiring GObject, but this is necessarily the case, so fix the introspection data accordingly.

dropDuplicatedFields :: (Name, API) -> (Name, API) Source #

Some libraries include duplicated flags by mistake, drop those.

checkClosureDestructors :: (Name, API) -> (Name, API) Source #

Sometimes arguments are marked as being a user_data destructor, but there is no associated user_data argument. In this case we drop the annotation.