haskell-gi-0.23.0: Generate Haskell bindings for GObject Introspection capable libraries
Safe HaskellSafe



Project information to include in generated bindings, should be kept in sync with haskell-gi.cabal



category :: Text Source #

Under which category in hackage should the generated bindings be listed.

defaultExtensions :: [Text] Source #

Default list of extensions to turn on when compiling the generated code.

otherExtensions :: [Text] Source #

Extensions that will be used in some modules, but we do not wish to turn on by default.

ghcOptions :: [Text] Source #

Default options for GHC when compiling generated code.

defaultLanguage :: Text Source #

Default version of the report to use.

standardDeps :: [Text] Source #

List of dependencies for all bindings. Notice that base is not included here, since not all bindings use the same base version. haskell-gi and haskell-gi-base are not included either, since the versions to use may change depending on whether we are using old style or new style bindings.