haskhol-core-1.0.0: The core logical system of HaskHOL, an EDSL for HOL theorem proving.

Safe HaskellNone



This module is a re-export of the th-lift library originally written by Ian Lynagh and maintained by Mathieu Boespflug. A very minor change was made by Evan Austin in order to facilitate derivation of lift instances for quantified type constructors.

The decision to include this source as part of the HaskHOL system, rather than import the original library, was made to facilitate the above change and to sever HaskHOL's only dependence on a non-Haskell Platform library.



deriveLift' :: Info -> Q [Dec]Source

Obtain Info values through a custom reification function. This is useful when generating instances for datatypes that have not yet been declared.

deriveLift :: Name -> Q [Dec]Source

Derive Lift instances for the given datatype.

deriveLiftMany :: [Name] -> Q [Dec]Source

Derive Lift instances for many datatypes.

Re-exports Lift for the purpose of writing type signatures external to this module.