heist- An Haskell template system supporting both HTML5 and XML.

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bindJson :: (ToJSON a, Monad n) => a -> Splice n Source #

This splice binds convenience tags for the given JSON (or JSON-convertible) value and runs the tag's child nodes using the new bindings.

Tags bound when you pass in an object

Tags bound for an object looking like this:

{ "k_1": v_1, ..., "k_N": v_N }

<value:{k_i}> -- treats v_i as text <snippet:{k_i}> -- treats v_i as HTML <with:{k_i}> -- explodes v_i and runs its children

<value var="foo.bar.baz"/> -- walks the JSON tree to find "foo.bar.baz", and interprets it as a string <snippet var="foo.bar.baz"/> <with var="foo.bar.baz">...<with>

Tags bound when you pass in anything else

<value/> -- the given JSON value, as a string <snippet/> -- the given JSON value, parsed and spliced in as HTML