hgis- Package and command-line for GIS with Haskell

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Module containing several useful projections for generating maps.



washingtonDC :: Point Source #

For use as a reference point in certain projections.

mecca :: Point Source #

For use as a reference point with the Craig retroazimuthal projection

littow :: Projection Source #

Littow retroazimuthal + conformal projection

craig :: Point -> Projection Source #

Craig retroazimuthal projection (works on a subset of the world)

winkel3 :: Projection Source #

Winkel Tripel projection (standard for the National Geographic Society since

mercator :: Projection Source #

Mercator projection.

bonne :: Projection Source #

Bonne projection with standard parallel at 45 N and central meridian centered at Washington DC

albers :: Point -> Projection Source #

Albers projection for a given reference point. To make it usable you can use > ablers washingtonDC

project :: Projection -> Polygon -> Polygon Source #

Helper to project given a Polygon.

projectMap :: Projection -> Map -> Map Source #

Helper to apply a projection given a Map.