hindent-4.1.0: Extensible Haskell pretty printer

Safe HaskellNone




data State Source

Empty state.



gibiansky :: Style Source

The printer style.

indentSpaces :: Integral a => a Source

Number of spaces to indent by.

indentOnce :: Printer () Source

Printer to indent one level.

maxSingleLineExports :: Integral a => a Source

How many exports to format in a single line. If an export list has more than this, it will be formatted as multiple lines.

type Extend f = forall t. t -> f NodeInfo -> Printer () Source

imp :: Extend ImportDecl Source

Format import statements.

context :: Extend Context Source

Format contexts with spaces and commas between class constraints.

derivings :: Extend Deriving Source

Format deriving clauses with spaces and commas between class constraints.

typ :: Extend Type Source

Format function type declarations.

sameLine :: (Annotated ast, Annotated ast') => ast NodeInfo -> ast' NodeInfo -> Bool Source

lineDelta :: (Annotated ast1, Annotated ast2) => ast1 NodeInfo -> ast2 NodeInfo -> Int Source