hledger-lib-1.5.1: Core data types, parsers and functionality for the hledger accounting tools

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A TimeclockEntry is a clock-in, clock-out, or other directive in a timeclock file (see timeclock.el or the command-line version). These can be converted to Transactions and queried like a ledger.



timeclockEntriesToTransactions :: LocalTime -> [TimeclockEntry] -> [Transaction] Source #

Convert time log entries to journal transactions. When there is no clockout, add one with the provided current time. Sessions crossing midnight are split into days to give accurate per-day totals.

entryFromTimeclockInOut :: TimeclockEntry -> TimeclockEntry -> Transaction Source #

Convert a timeclock clockin and clockout entry to an equivalent journal transaction, representing the time expenditure. Note this entry is not balanced, since we omit the "assets:time" transaction for simpler output.

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