Changelog for hoogle-5.0.17

Changelog for Hoogle 5.0.17, released 2018-01-17 Add lower bounds for time and bytestring #234, allow http-conduit-0.15 5.0.16, released 2018-01-03 #232, allow haskell-src-exts-1.18-1.20 5.0.15, released 2017-12-12 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.20 5.0.14, released 2017-11-28 #228, add --datadir for overriding data directory on servers #223, don't break on foldl' #222, make sure all packages appear in the search 5.0.13, released 2017-07-30 #219, treat the query "a->b" the same as "a -> b" #215, if a specified module/package is missing, give no results #220, start on port 8080 by default Rely on the fact ghc API is now on Hackage #217, fix the mode tag propagating to child links 5.0.12, released 2017-05-06 #210, expose targetInfo and targetSearchDisplay 5.0.11, released 2017-05-02 #209, add a defaultDatabaseLocation function 5.0.10, released 2017-04-17 #205, change how the link URL is computed #206, put newer versions of a package first 5.0.9, released 2017-01-16 #202, add --haddock functionality 5.0.8, released 2016-12-29 #194, make --local work regardless of code page 5.0.7, released 2016-12-27 #200, make sure the content-type is set properly 5.0.6, released 2016-11-30 #196, make --local look for .cabal files as well Fix up Frege documentation generation 5.0.5, released 2016-11-24 #193, support multiple --local flags #195, add --home flag to server mode Allow haskell-src-exts-1.19 5.0.4, released 2016-09-11 #184, use file URLs for local docs #183, make --local look for .txt files recursively 5.0.3, released 2016-08-28 #181, use the proper network constraints Avoid deprecated Aeson modules 5.0.2, released 2016-07-25 Move to haskell-src-exts-1.18 5.0.1, released 2016-07-12 #178, support the --link argument #178, add module names to results on the command line #177, require containers 0.5 or above 5.0, released 2016-06-24 #172, make sure --local links work on Linux #116, store data files in getAppUserDataDirectory by default G472, be robust to corrupt Hoogle files G521, make sure it works with inverted color preferences Rewrite from scratch 4.2.38, released 2015-01-28 #96, allow certicate verification failures #95, allow a higher version of Cabal on older GHCs 4.2.37, released 2015-01-13 #94, GHC 7.10 support 4.2.36, released 2014-10-12 #85, add support for missing type constructors 4.2.35, released 2014-09-15 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.16 4.2.34, released 2014-07-09 Add defaultDatabaseLocation 4.2.33, released 2014-06-15 Allow WAI-3.0 4.2.32, released 2014-04-14 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.15 4.2.31, released 2014-04-03 #61, support conduit-1.1 4.2.30, released 2014-03-23 #57, support QuickCheck-2.7 4.2.29, released 2014-02-23 #55, if reading as UTF8 fails, explicitly try Latin1 Add QuickCheck as a dependency Change createDatabase to also save the file Disable rank feature Remove running a hoogle query without converting the database Ignore packages without documentation to hoogle data 4.2.28, released 2014-01-03 Upgrade to shake-0.11 #49, update "hoogle data" to be incremental 4.2.27, released 2014-01-01 Rewrite how "hoogle data" works #45, if you are building all, also depend on default #47, switch to using Shake to build the recipes Add a dependency on Shake 4.2.26, released 2013-12-10 Fix omission of the Test file 4.2.25, released 2013-12-09 Fix timestamps in .tar.gz dist file 4.2.24, released 2013-12-08 Allow WAI 2.0 Fix the Keyword generator 4.2.23, released 2013-09-29 Improvements to Haddock conversion 4.2.22, released 2013-09-29 Download Hoogle data from the old Hackage server 4.2.21, released 2013-09-01 #25, make the tarball pass the tests #26, GHC 7.8 compatibility Ensure alias resolution is bottom-up and recursive 4.2.20, released 2013-08-25 #619, do not depend on unix on Windows 4.2.19, released 2013-08-20 Fix version bounds 4.2.18, released 2013-08-20 Allow bytestring-0.9 4.2.17, released 2013-08-20 Upgrade to haskell-src-exts-1.14 Visual redesign Require bytestring-0.10 or above, due to NFData instances Add NFData instance to Database 4.2.16, released 2013-02-21 Remove lots of explicit upper bounds 4.2.15, released 2013-01-29 Allow http-types-0.8 Allow case-insensitive-1.0 Support --local for GHC docs #568, rewrite Haddock links in --local 4.2.14, released 2012-11-06 Switch license from GPL to BSD3 GHC 7.6 fixes ##4, Allow Cabal-1.16.* 4.2.13, released 2012-08-18 Allow cmdargs-0.10.* 4.2.12, released 2012-07-15 Allow conduit-0.5, wai-1.3 and warp-1.3 Upgrade to http-types-0.7.* In embedded mode, don't hijack the URL bar or title Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.2 #89, add a format=json output mode #476, update the URL as you type Improve iPhone support Update the copyright year in the footer Double the speed of hoogle server responses 4.2.11, released 2012-04-05 Allow transformers-0.3 Allow conduit-0.4, wai-1.2 and warp-1.2 Allow haskell-src-exts-1.12 and 1.13 4.2.10, released 2012-03-04 #533, be paranoid when parsing Cabal files 4.2.9, released 2012-03-01 Upgrade to WAI-1.1 and Warp-1.1 #525, don't rely on a redirect to find files Allow Cabal-1.14 4.2.8, released 2011-11-27 Allow cmdargs-0.9 Fix setting the global read flags and unsetting them properly Allow case-insensitive-0.4.* Make data --local have a good default on Linux Make server --local work on Windows #407, rewrite OpenSearch plugin to work regardless of the server 4.2.7, released 2011-09-03 Allow cmdargs-0.8 4.2.6, released 2011-08-12 Permit GHC 7.2 Allow case-insensitive-0.3.* Fix bug when searching for toString in the embed mode Make --redownload work on the tarballs 4.2.5, released 2011-06-12 Fix hyperlinks to symbols (i.e. &&) in Haddock 4.2.4, released 2011-05-26 #434, use either wget or curl to download the files Allow haskell-src-exts 1.11.* Upgrade to cmdargs==0.7.* 4.2.3, released 2011-05-01 Generate database for ghc internals Give an error if the database is the wrong version Add -fno-cse, to make cmdargs work (was losing args annotations) 4.2.2, released 2011-04-25 Upgrade to WAI==0.4.* and Warp==0.4.* Allow parsec 3, since various people have reported it works Default module URL's correctly when not on Hackage #417, use proper Haddock parsing for package descriptions Make sure https: links work through the web mode Rewrite the binary defer layer, cleaner and slightly faster Eliminate escaping problems when entering "'s in the search Some work on #375, add links to the library page Add --template to override the templates at runtime Add --dynamic flag to server mode, include update stamps Upgrade wai and warp, adds an exception handler #82, rewrite showing document snippets, better expand/collapse Support <em> tags in Haddock output (as well as <i>) Make package matching case insensitive #372, add features to improve module name search Make module name searching case insensitive 4.2.1, released 2011-01-26 Fix for pattern match failure when searching for "to" Fix for not sending text/html when serving local files Eliminate the --nostdin flag, now unnecessary Change to use WAI/Warp instead of HTTP and custom server Fix a bug, didn't ever show Waiting... on the real website Make embed work in IE8 4.2, released 2011-01-23 Make the CGI interface send the right number of newlines Accept prefix and suffix web parameters Eliminate isBlankQuery, make Query a Monoid Make Query abstract, add queryPackages/querySetPackage Rename querySuggestions/queryCompletions by dropping the query Add mode=embed support Add some log analysis features Ignore some whitespace in the input file Work around a cabal bug, include jquery.cookie.js Add ?version=xxx to .css and .js, to make it auto refresh 4.1.5, released 2011-01-16 #399, rehabilitate mode=suggest Stop mode=suggest failing entirely, now cleanly gives no answers Combine --web and --webmode Complete the command line flag help #327, ensure utf8 is found #187, ensure LT is found Use the Hoogle tarball direct from Hackage #54, rework packages, entries and keywords #87, make all database files lowercase Various javascript/ajax enhancements 4.1.4, released 2011-01-15 Running data on Posix sets all files to global read/execute Relax haskell-src-exts to allow 1.10.1 Rework the web page display further 4.1.3, released 2011-01-09 Read and write all database files in UTF8 #391, add tar -xzf when extracting from the tarball Change search results display, packages/modules on separate line Exclude haskellN* from the platform, they are in base Add --nostdin to server mode, to support running with nohup Loosen dependencies for tagsoup (typo'd it before) 4.1.2, released 2010-12-19 Loosen dependencies for tagsoup and HTTP (but not parsec) Avoid self circular dependencies 4.1.1, released 2010-12-18 #195, include all the necessary resources to run as a server When in server mode, be more robust to errors 4.1, released 2010-12-18 #320, make sure system is found #146, preserve forall's in everywhere #186, switch to using haskell-src-exts to parse input files #249, make sure you find MonadWriter #235, make sure you find forall #309, make sure there are links for keywords #78, add --link flag #59, operators look nicer, and have blue brackets round them #352, can now parse ( # ) as a function name in the input #280, searching for "~ +keyword" should find keyword #116, fix links for types/classes #83, all searching for package-name #94, allow textbases to be used automatically #92, short flags are now handled by cmdargs, so work #51, test mode now does what test and testfile did #66, turn Hoogle into a library Add --server flag, to run as a server 4.0.7, released 2009-07-19 Start of changelog