hprotoc-2.4.13: Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications

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The MakeReflections module takes the FileDescriptorProto output from Resolve and produces a ProtoInfo from Reflections. This also takes a Haskell module prefix and the proto's package namespace as input. The output is suitable for passing to the Gen module to produce the files.

This acheives several things: It moves the data from a nested tree to flat lists and maps. It moves the group information from the parent Descriptor to the actual Descriptor. It moves the data out of Maybe types. It converts Utf8 to String. Keys known to extend a Descriptor are listed in that Descriptor.

In building the reflection info new things are computed. It changes dotted names to ProtoName using the translator from makeNameMaps. It parses the default value from the ByteString to a Haskell type. For fields, the value of the tag on the wire is computed and so is its size on the wire.