hsc3-0.17: Haskell SuperCollider

Safe HaskellSafe



Standard SC3 graphs, referenced in documentation.



default_ugen_graph :: UGen Source #

The SC3 default instrument UGen graph.

gabor_grain_ugen_graph :: UGen Source #

A Gabor grain, envelope is by lfGauss.

sine_grain_ugen_graph :: UGen Source #

A sine grain, envelope is by envGen of envSine.

default_sampler_ugen_graph :: Bool -> UGen Source #

Trivial file playback instrument.

If use_gate is True there is a gate parameter and the synth ends either when the sound file ends or the gate closes, else there is a sustain parameter to indicate the duration. In both cases a linear envelope with a decay time of decay is applied.

The rdelay parameter sets the maximum pre-delay time (in seconds), each instance is randomly pre-delayed between zero and the indicated time. The ramplitude parameter sets the maximum amplitude offset of the amp parameter, each instance is randomly amplified between zero and the indicated value.