hyraxAbif- Modules for parsing, generating and manipulating AB1 files.
Copyright(c) HyraxBio 2018
Maintainerandre@hyraxbio.co.za, andre@andrevdm.com
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Functionality for reading and parsing AB1 files


abif' <- readAbif "example.ab1"

case abif' of
  Left e -> putStrLn $ "error reading ABIF: " <> e
  Right abif -> print $ clearAbif abif


readAbif :: FilePath -> IO (Either Text Abif) Source #

Read and parse an AB1 file

getAbif :: ByteString -> Either Text Abif Source #

Parse an AB1 from a ByteString

clear :: Directory -> Directory Source #

Removes all data from a directory entry. This will probably only be useful when trying to show an ABIF value

clearAbif :: Abif -> Abif Source #

Removes all data from the ABIF's directories

getDebug :: Directory -> Directory Source #

Populate the directory entry with debug data (into dDataDebug). This is done for selected types only, e.g. for strings so that printing the structure will display readable/meaningfull info

getHeader :: Get Header Source #

Parse the ABIF Header

getDirectories :: ByteString -> [Directory] -> Int -> Get [Directory] Source #

Parse all the directoy entries

getDirectory :: ByteString -> Get Directory Source #

Parse a single Directory entry and read its data