idris- Functional Programming Language with Dependent Types

Safe HaskellNone






:: IState

The initial state

-> [FilePath]

The loaded modules

-> InputT Idris () 

Run the REPL

startServer :: IState -> [FilePath] -> Idris ()Source

Run the REPL server

runClient :: String -> IO ()Source

Run a command on the server on localhost

ideslaveStart :: IState -> [FilePath] -> Idris ()Source

Run the IdeSlave

mkPrompt :: [FilePath] -> [Char]Source

The prompt consists of the currently loaded modules, or Idris if there are none

lit :: FilePath -> BoolSource

Determine whether a file uses literate syntax

fixColour :: Bool -> Doc -> DocSource

Check if the coloring matches the options and corrects if necessary

getIdrisUserDataDir :: Idris FilePathSource

Get the platform-specific, user-specific Idris dir

getInitScript :: Idris FilePathSource

Locate the platform-specific location for the init script

initScript :: Idris ()Source

Run the initialisation script

opt :: (Opt -> Maybe a) -> [Opt] -> [a]Source