Changelog for json-autotype-

Changelog  Apr 2015

    * Added typechecking before and after type unification.
    * Added shrink for more informative QuickCheck testing.
    * Tested mostly using GHC 7.10.  Mar 2015

    * Add short versions of command line flags: -o, -d, and -t.  Mar 2015

    * Bump up lens dependency.  Mar 2015

    * Updated tests and build config.  Mar 2015

    * Fixed documentation anchors, and unit test classification for failures.  Mar 2015

    * Relaxed upper bounds for lens 4.8. Mar 2015

    * (Skipped this version number by mistake.)  Dec 2014

    * Relaxed upper bounds for new lens.  Dec 2014

    * Relaxed upper bounds again.  Dec 2014

    * Updated metainfo, relaxed upper bounds for GHC 7.10.  Nov 2014

    * Nicer union type syntax in Data.Aeson.AutoType.Alternative.  Nov 2014

    * To assure proper treatment of unions,
      I make them with Data.Aeson.AutoType.Alternative type instead of Either.  Nov 2014

    * Explicit JSON parser generation to avoid conflicts between Haskell keywords and field names.
    * Renaming of Haskell field names with a prefix of object name (data type.)  Nov 2014

    * GenerateJSONParser may now take multiple input samples to produce single parser.
    * Fixed automated testing for all example files.  Oct 2014

    * Added examples to the package distribution.  Oct 2014

    * Cleaned up package.
    * Changelog in markdown format.

0.2.1  Oct 2014

    * Added option to use it as a filter ('-' is accepted input name.)

0.2.0  Oct 2014

    * First release to Hackage.
    * Handling of proper unions, and most examples.
    * Automatically tested on a wide range of example documents (see
    * Initial documentation in

0.1.0  July 2014

* First experiments uploaded to GitHub, and discussed to