json-autotype-1.0.14: Automatic type declaration for JSON input data

Safe HaskellNone



Formatting type declarations and class instances for inferred types.



displaySplitTypes :: Map Text Type -> Text Source

Display an environment of types split by name.

splitTypeByLabel :: Text -> Type -> Map Text Type Source

Splits initial type with a given label, into a mapping of object type names and object type structures.

unificationCandidates :: HashMap t Type -> [[t]] Source

For a given splitted types, it returns candidates for extra unifications.

unifyCandidates :: [[Text]] -> Map Text Type -> Map Text Type Source

Unifies candidates on a give input list.

normalizeTypeName :: Text -> Text Source

Normalize type name by: 1. Treating all characters that are not acceptable in Haskell variable name as end of word. 2. Capitalizing each word, but a first (camelCase). 3. Adding underscore if first character is non-alphabetic. 4. Escaping Haskell keywords if the whole identifier is such keyword. 5. If identifier is empty, then substituting JsonEmptyKey for its name.