lambdabot-4.3: Lambdabot is a development tool and advanced IRC bot

Safe HaskellNone



The guts of lambdabot.

The LB/Lambdabot monad Generic server connection,disconnection The module typeclass, type and operations on modules



ircLoadModule :: Module st -> String -> LB ()Source

Register a module in the irc state

ircUnloadModule :: String -> LB ()Source

Unregister a module's entry in the irc state

checkPrivs :: IrcMessage -> LB BoolSource

Checks if the given user has admin permissions and excecute the action only in this case.

checkIgnore :: IrcMessage -> LB BoolSource

Checks if the given user is being ignored. Privileged users can't be ignored.



:: Nick

The channel/user.

-> String

The message.

-> LB () 

Send a message to a channel/user. If the message is too long, the rest of it is saved in the (global) more-state.