ldif-0.0.5: The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) parser



LDIF related operations



findChangesByDN :: LDIF -> DN -> [ChangeRecord]Source

Find all Changes with given DN

findContentsByDN :: LDIF -> DN -> [ContentRecord]Source

Find all Contents with given DN

findContentByDN :: LDIF -> DN -> Maybe ContentRecordSource

Find first Content with given DN

diffLDIF :: LDIF -> LDIF -> Maybe LDIFSource

Create Change LDIF between to LDIF contents. If any | of input argument is not LDIFContent it returns Nothing. | If there is not difference the Change LDIF with empty | change list is returned. | | Unsing following strategy: | 1. Iterate over L1 DN's and Modify / Remove Content | 2. Iterate over L2 and Add Content not in L1

diffRecord :: ContentRecord -> ContentRecord -> Maybe ChangeRecordSource

Diff two AttrVal Records if any of provided. | Implementation uses inefficient algorithm for large count of attributes within ContentRecord.