mmsyn6ukr- A musical instrument synthesizer or a tool for Ukrainian language listening

Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2019
Safe HaskellNone




Functions used in the main function to provide functionality of a musical instrument synthesizer or for Ukrainian speech synthesis especially for poets, translators and writers.



appendS16LEFile :: Vector String -> Handle -> IO () Source #

The function that actually produces a .raw file.

convertToProperUkrainian :: String -> Vector String Source #

The function that converts a written Ukrainian text into the sounding in the program phonetical respesentation. It is not exact phonetically but you can make for yourself a general impression of the Ukrainian sounding.

Securing and Limits

nSymbols :: String -> Int Source #

Function that converts the first command line argument given, which is a digit in the range [0..9] (providing an ascending approximately exponential scale with a basis of 10 starting from 2 and ending at 1000000001), to the upper bound of number of symbols that the main function of the mmsyn6ukr executable reads from the stdin for sounding. The default value (no input) is 31416. If there is another first command line argument then the program terminates with the error and informational message. Using the command line argument is done for the security reasons: because of performative writing to the resulting file(s) there is a need to limit the used memory. For most cases it is enough to use the default value. If you have enough resources and a large Ukrainian text amount then specify the higher values (5 or a greater one).