mmsyn6ukr- A musical instrument synthesizer or a tool for Ukrainian language listening

Copyright(c) OleksandrZhabenko 2019-2020
Safe HaskellNone



Functions used in the main function to provide functionality of a musical instrument synthesizer or for Ukrainian speech synthesis especially for poets, translators and writers.



appendS16LEFile :: Vector String -> Handle -> IO () Source #

The function that actually produces a .raw file. The mapping table is given in the Map.txt file.

convertToProperUkrainian :: String -> Vector String Source #

The function that converts a written Ukrainian text into the sounding in the program phonetical respesentation. It is not exact phonetically but you can make for yourself a general impression of the Ukrainian sounding.

takeData :: FilePath -> IO ByteString Source #

Function to take raw sound data from the ".wav" file given.