Changelog for mwc-random-

Changes in * primitive-0.6 compatibility Changes in * Monadic variant of vector shuffle added: `uniformShuffleM` * Context on `uniformShuffle` loosened Changes in * Fixed crash during gen. initialization on Windows when stderr is not available (#36). Changes in * Generators for beta, Bernoully, Dirichlet and categorical distributions added. * Functions for generating random shuffles added. Changes in * GHC 7.9 support Changes in * Long standing performance problem in normal distribution fixed (#16) Changes in * createSystemRandom added Changes in * Workaround for GHC bug 8072 (bug 25). GHC 7.6 on 32-bit platrofms is affected. * Generators for truncated exponential and geometric distributions added. Changes in * Fucntion `asGenIO' and `asGenST' added. * Generation of discrete random variates using condensed tables methed. Tables for Poisson and binomial distributions are provided.